A Guide To Great Ecommerce Customer Service Best Practices

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Due to the current pandemic situation, consumers have turned to online transactions for anything from groceries to medicine as it allows them to stay at home and avoid getting infected. In addition, home delivery option has made life more convenient. In order to meet the changing customer expectations, retail companies have to start thinking in the line of taking their business online. The ecommerce industry also experienced a boom in recent time to meet the changing customer expectations as well. However, with so many online retail and ecommerce platforms opening, the competition has become cut-throat. The only way to outrun your competitor today is to offer a competitive price without compromising the delivery of a superior CX through high-quality customer service.

While ecommerce businesses will not have access to visual context, they will base the ecommerce customer service they provide on data. To get the best data and leverage it effectively, you should try to implement these ecommerce customer service outsourcing best practices:

Offer multichannel and omnichannel support

Different channels come with different strengths and weaknesses. Measuring how their customers use each channel will allow eCommerce companies to take full advantage. You may prefer support via chat or a chatbot as a business, but communication (especially for promoting new offerings or sales) might be better through social media. That is why it is important to find what your customers want and which channels they are on. When you design your multichannel eCommerce customer service outsourcing strategy based on this data, you will offer better customer satisfaction. Offering omnichannel customer service too will help you ensure a seamless customer experience across all channels. Your call center for eCommerce industry can help you in this.

Offer self-service support

Since many customers prefer to help themselves, many eCommerce businesses benefit from offering a help center. These include answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs), refund and return policies, and much more. Offering self-service as a form of customer service is a fantastic way to empower customers to assist themselves while saving time for your eCommerce call center, so that they can focus on more important and complex customer queries and deliver a superior CX.

Offer an avenue for providing feedback

Letting customers offer their feedback helps you identify customer pain points more effectively. You can find solutions internally so the same issue doesn’t occur again and proactively reach out to the customer to solve the issue whenever possible. You can also conduct a post-purchase customer survey using ecommerce call center services and get detailed customer feedback. Reviews are also significant social proof illustrating specific examples of when your customer service delivered as promised.

Have a comprehensive knowledge base

A knowledge base is like a repository of information for your customers and agents alike. It can be a place your customers can turn to when they need help using your product or service, but don’t want to talk to a representative. Your knowledge base should be well organized and accessible to search. The content should have enough clarity for all users to understand and implement successfully without reaching out for help. The knowledgebase can also be of great help to your eCommerce customer service outsourcing agents who can quickly find the correct answer to customer queries using it, minimizing the on-hold time. It can significantly improve the customer experience.

Automate where it makes sense

Automation can save enormous amounts of time and effort, improving the efficiency and productivity of your team. For example, examine your ecommerce customer service outsourcing process and pinpoint the routine tasks that are eating up too much time. You will find that there are many tasks – administrative and otherwise that could be automated with the right automation software, saving your team tons of time down the road.


Quality customer service is the quintessential need for modern ecommerce businesses. With consumer behavior changing rapidly due to external factors like greater digital adoption and the recent pandemic, your business must meet customer expectations. Therefore, it delivers superior customer service at each touchpoint. While offering stellar customer service across all communication channels is difficult, it can still be achieved with eCommerce call center services. An experienced eCommerce call center services provider can help you deliver multilingual omnichannel customer service to retain your customers and improve your brand reputation.