9 Steps Guide To Offer A Great Customer Experience Using Live Chat

Customer Experience Using Live Chat
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With customers today exposed the gold standard of customer service, great customer experience has become the need of the hour for businesses. You need to deliver nothing short of 5-star customer experience through every channel every single time. 

Live chat has come across as an excellent customer interaction channel through which it is possible to deliver great customer experience. Want to know how? Here are nine easy steps to achieve excellence in customer experience:

Step 1 – Make the Chat button visible

Make sure that your customers can find that chat or contact button easily on your website. If the customer has to look for it, it does not amount to great customer experience. Setting up an automated and customized message that engage your audience is a great way to get noticed. A prominent and colorful chat now button will do the trick too.

Step 2 – Don’t let the customer wait

Once the chat starts do not let your customers wait for an answer. The point of having a chat is not having to wait in a queue. Have your live chat agents talk to a few visitors at a time. This way you will always have somebody ready to chat.

Step 3 – Personalize

Personalizing results in great experience. You can use live chat software that integrates with CRM to gather information about the customer including their location, chat history, etc. The information will give you an insight into the customer. You can also find important insight about the customer from the notes made by you and your colleagues.

Step 4 – Lend an Ear

While chatting with a customer, live chat agents should be more precise when providing solutions, as they have customers’ questions and needs written in front of them. Listening to their problems first will help you find a precise solution a lot quicker.

Step 5 – Let the customer know if you need more time

There will be times when a ready solution is not available. So when you feel the need for some research or expert advice, communicate the same to your customer. Give them a time frame and get back to the customer within the timeframe.

Step 6 – Take it easy on canned responses

Use simple and clear language while talking with customers. Having a personality while interacting via live chat will help you provide a great experience to your customers. It is better to not use too many canned responses. Use them only when you need to speed up the interaction while not compromising with customer satisfaction.

Step 7 – Empathy is everything

Empathy is a must-have skill for everyone who wants to work in customer support. Without the ability to imagine what the customers go through and how does it make them feel, your reactions won’t be genuine.  Knowing the situation, the customer is in will help you find the solution fast.

Step 8 – End a chat on a positive note

You have probably heard the phrase – “All’s well that ends well”. It is true for your live chat interactions as well. The way you finish your interaction will have a lasting impression. If handled poorly, it can create a bitter memory for the customer. Ask customers if they’re satisfied with the solution you provided or whether there’s any part of the conversation that they didn’t understand and need further explanation.

Also, you need to ask if there’s anything else that they need help with. You can end the chat with an intention to hear from them. Saying this will remind them that you are there for them.

Step 9 – Follow up with a customer

Do not forget to send a follow up to a customer -it is the best way to finish an amazing customer service. You can use email for the follow-up and ask if everything is working the way they should.

This way you can provide your customers with a great customer experience via live chat.