6 Ways Hiring A Healthcare Call Center Can Transform The Patient Experience

Patient Experience


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Healthcare leaders these days recognize that patient satisfaction has the power to affect the financial health of healthcare institutes. Therefore, healthcare leaders across the U.S. are trying hard to foster positive patient experiences in every interaction with the patients. Every healthcare employee, ranging from doctors, nurses to administrative staff, and other hospital employees, is expected to deliver excellent service at every touchpoint.

The contact center employees, too, must deliver a superior experience to the patients who contact them. With so many patients calling in every day to inquire about their appointments, facilities, doctors, etc., it is not an easy task. Many healthcare businesses are outsourcing their contact center operations to healthcare BPOs to cope up with the challenge and are reaping great results.

According to a West survey, 94 percent of patients believe it is important to feel satisfied with their healthcare provider. Many patients start looking for a better healthcare provider after a single poor experience with a healthcare institution. In the age, when every consumer looks for high-quality brand experience, it is only reasonable that a patient would want better service experience from his/ her clinic. However, most healthcare institutes fail to provide an excellent experience to the call-in patients to serve patients who are at the physical location.  In such a situation, a healthcare call center can help the healthcare institutes to deliver a better patient experience to call-in patients.

Here’s how hiring a healthcare call center can transform patient experience:

1. Better Call Quality Ensures Higher Satisfaction Level

During the peak hour at the hospital, the employees tend to pay more attention to patients who are at the physical location. As a result, the employees are not able to entirely focus on the patients on call. It often results in poor call quality. The possibility of causing an error in data collection also increases.

On the other hand, a healthcare call center can focus solely on the patients who call. Listen to their request, resolve their issues, and collect the right data, resulting in a far superior experience that raises the satisfaction level.

2.  Delivering Consistent Service

When the hospital staff answers the call-in patients, the level of service they receive almost always depends on circumstances like how busy the hospital is at that moment, or who is handling the call.

However, healthcare call centers maintain a consistent level of service. When a patient gets a consistent level of service every time, it boosts their satisfaction level and offers a positive experience.

3. Easy Interdepartmental Communication for Faster Resolution

With many staff doing multiple jobs, including answering calls from patients, hospital staff seldom communicates with other departments to offer a patient a complete resolution to their query.

A healthcare call center, on the other hand, can open up interdepartmental communication by explaining what needs to be collected, establishing a hand-off process, and ensuring accountability along the way.  It also results in faster and more effective issue resolution, which in turn results in better patient experience.

4. Easy Collection of Service Data

Your patients feel valued and heard when they are asked for their opinion. Through a healthcare call center survey, it is possible to ask for patient feedback with a regular survey. Apart from that, the tracking speed of answer/abandonment, the general rate of satisfaction, every data can be collected through a inbound / outbound call center. It is possible to tweak the operations based on the data collected through the call center.

5. Increased Customer Satisfaction

A healthcare BPO can ensure a faster response as well as a quicker resolution as they deal exclusively with call-in patients.  When call center staff find an issue, they can escalate it to an appropriate person before patients start getting frustrated. It results in better patient experience and improved customer satisfaction level.

6. Multichannel, Multilingual Support

Many call centers with multichannel and multilingual capabilities can also service patients through their preferred communication channel, or in a language, they speak. Such a feature can raise the bar for patient experience and give a healthcare institute a better patient retention rate.

Having a vast experience in serving the healthcare vertical, Fusion has the expertise to deliver a superior experience to patients over the phone. Thanks to our multichannel and multilingual capabilities, we can serve call-in patients better, in a language and/or communication channel, he/she is comfortable with. Here’s an example – if a patient has poor English language skills and want to receive the instruction in email or in another language, we will be able to do it. It will result in above-par patient experience.

Want to deliver a superior patient experience to call-in patients without hampering your daily operations? Fusion can help. Contact us today!