3 Futuristic Contact Center Approaches That Are Going To Enlarge Your Customer Base

3 Futuristic Contact Center Approaches
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Often marketers browses various Whitepapers, attends different webinars to know which trends or approaches can let them bring changes in their annual scorecard/bottom-line.

Exchanging notes with the industry experts and the leading entrepreneurs, marketers have started to share their non-core tasks to offshore partners.

As opting for contact centers is a dubious and strategic move, many leaders used to stay away from offshoring due to conventional fears.

In present day, however, many have given up their fears and have started to use outsourcing as a tactic to make reliable profits. In a previous blog, we have shown how Asset Managers of today overcame their limitations and chose outsourcing as a strategic tool to cut down on cost and bring change in the service levels.

Now the question is – How an outsourcing partner can help business to make profitable shifts in their bottom-line. What futuristic approaches are making contact center help business to expand their customer base?

Fusion is going to share three big contact center futuristic trends that will help B2B and B2C clients irrespective of their business size to produce a strong chain of customer and grow a rock-solid scorecard.

Customer Expectation Going to Rise and That’s a Positive Trait

In a business, we need to grow our foresight and speculate what might happen next. With excellent customer service from notable vendors, consumer now wants to receive similar treatment from every business or services in nooks and corners of the world. It does not matter whether you are a utility service or a technical support.

When a customer knocks your business, he or she comes predetermined about receiving a higher-level service. With the in-house agents, you cannot accomplish this service goal as they miss the desired skills to provide top-notch customer support.

On the other hand, a contact center can offer your customers a supreme level of customer service.

Some latest features such as customer giving call backs or having Live Video Chat/WebChat with respective agents are simply amazing. It serves your business with real-time benefits. Often, it is hard to equip your in-house agents with state-of-the-art business tools, as they are expensive.

A contact center is always ready to initiate any kind of marketing campaign. So, leveraging your services to contact centers is going to apprehend business goals and will be cost saving.

A good futuristic point that makes a contact center unique from in-house teams is that – contact center people knows what drives a better customer experience.

Communications Using More Than One Channel

With the use of contact center, a business can eventually increase their customer base just not locally or nationally, but globally. How is it possible? It is simply because call centers offer exposure to your business through a number of channels.

According to the recent study, 77 percent of the customer prefers to use multi-channel in order to seek a service. Hence, the key ingredient is to keep your customer happy and offer them with supports in the real-time.

As said earlier, consumers, today, prefer to use more than one channel. They use a set of new channels such as phone, email, web-based chat, SMS, social media, click to call, screen sharing, etc. This shows that arrays of online digital channels are popular among customers.

It is tricky enough to understand how different types of customer use different channels to seek services. Hence, it is essential for your business to consider customer journey mapping. However, do you have the time to initiate the mapping? If not, contact centers are ready to help you.

How do contact centers help to expand your customer base? How contact centers steer the communication channels to generate positive customer perspective?

  • They move with a definite goal based on you company services and undertakings
  • Helps your business to decide up on the key points that makes or breaks a relationship with your customer
  • They involve everyone a prospective customer, or an irate customer, even the one-time or seasonal buyers

Live Agents Offer fresh Lease of Life in Customer Service

When it comes to customer service, the live conversation via Live Chat or Video Chat has a large role to play. With the rise in self-service options, the quantity of transactions over the live conversation channels is less, but there are instances when the self-services fall short. This make the live agents more focused.

In popular surveys, we find that depending on the nature of the inquiry customer prefers to use the channels. For simple inquiries such as, “What’s My Balance?”, “What’s The Status of My Shipment?” online self-serve help and email are the clear winners.

However, when the inquiry is complex such as a failure in the technical aspects or may be a failure in the order supply, “live agents” are the dominant choice.

Contact centers utilize the Live Chat channels in the most refined manner. They make it viable by –

  • Utilizing the best resources and identifying the key opportunities for chat to analyze website data and customer feedback
  • Personalizes the interaction that your in-house agents often fail to initiate
  • They escalate the service to voice when it matter for your business.

As soon as you leverage the customer support to an outsourcing partner, you will be able to open to viable options of expanding your customer base. Your business will be exposed to a larger demographic, and you will observe a steady escalation in your ROI.

What Customer’s Feel About Your Business, From the Desk of Fusion –

At Fusion, we have worked with a number of B2B and B2C companies, who outsource their customer support simply not to expand, but to make their customer “keep coming back.” In these 9 years, we have learned that the customers like someone to take care of them when they need the assistance.

With contact centers such as Fusion, it is possible to attain your customer almost 24/7/6365 days that too in real time with real assistance.

At Fusion, we have realized that positive and happy customers are the keys to unlock reliable profits for companies, irrespective of B2B or B2C.