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Automation Solutions - AI Chatbots, Machine Learning

In the time of fierce competition businesses across various industries are looking for ways to explore new digital opportunities. And exploring new opportunities today means performing at optimal efficiency level while keeping operation cost, the chance of error and digital disruptions low. To adhere to such a standard, many businesses today are looking forward to digital transformation through automation.

With its cutting-edge automation solution, Fusion can give your business the digital edge it needs to evolve as a next-generation business. Our end-to-end automation solutions help you strike a balance between digital and traditional interactions and meet the digital market demands while delivering excellent customer experience every single time.


How our automation solutions can help your business?

Using our comprehensive automation solutions, you can increase business growth by:

As businesses are finding it hard to meet the gold standard of customer experience, many of them are turning to artificial intelligence and machine learning to get a better understanding of the customers and their needs. At Fusion, we provide you with simple, automated solutions that save cost and time while boosting efficiency, productivity, and customer satisfaction.

With our AI-based automation solutions, you can scale your sales and support efforts. Our modern, AI-based chatbots work alongside your existing support team and use machine learning to understand inquiries, answer customer questions, and learn from new experiences. Our comprehensive range of AI-based chatbot solutions include:


mindFAQOur mindFAQ solution is specially designed to help you answer the frequently asked questions automatically in real time by finding relevant content from thousands of documents with confidence score to a question based on a set of machine learning algorithms. This cost-efficient chatbot can answer almost 80% of your general customer queries on a 24/7 basis, reducing the need for a large live chat support team.


mindQAOur mindQA solution combines voice to text and speech analytics with machine learning to better understand your customers and measure your support efforts. The foundation of the bot can be built combining machine learning with your existing FAQs, social media, emails, CRM notes, chat history as well as the knowledge base to provide customers with better answers to their questions. This chatbot will also have the capability to notify a live agent in case human intervention is needed.


mindCHATWith mindCHAT solution we offer a simple, easy-to-use AI-based conversation to help customers search, research or buy products from e-commerce companies. This chatbot also helps businesses automate repetitive sales tasks that can boost sales.


mindVOCNow you can ensure greater customer experience with mindVOC that offers AI-based voice of customers analysis with sentiment score in social media, customer survey, CRM notes, emails or chats. With our AI-powered solutions that understand the requirement and needs of your customers, you can quickly resolve issues and queries without any human intervention. The fast and precise support is sure to up your customer satisfaction index.

At Fusion, we use a flexible and cost-effective automation model. Our AI-based solutions are based on machine learning and cognitive skills of our AI bots that allow our agents to provide a more seamless customer experience.

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