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How The Airlines Industry Can Benefit From BPO Industry

In recent years, the airlines industry has faced major challenges like rising fuel cost, changes in environmental regulations, and an ever-rising customer expectation. To cope with them, most airlines are looking for ways to reduce cost while meeting the environmental regulations Read More →

6 Ways To Engage Your Agents – The X Factor In Quality Customer Experience

You have all heard about Powerpuff Girls and how they are made of sugar & spice and all things nice and an accidental dose of chemical X. Without that chemical X or X factor, they would become powerless.  Read More →

7 Ways Retail Businesses Can Benefit From Hiring a Call Center for Customer Service

Gone are the days when retail businesses were purely brick-and-mortar. Thanks to new technology, the rise of internet and the changes in the spending habits of its consumers, retail industry went through some drastic changes in recent years.

5 OmniChannel Customer Service Best Practices To Boost Customer Experience

 In today’s highly competitive customer service industry, customers are more demanding and powerful than before. They are also more knowledgeable and tech-savvy than ever. Therefore, to impress them and keep their business, you need to have impeccable customer service with omnichannel and Read More →

5 Social Customer Service Trends That Will Rule 2019

Last year we have seen social media emerge as one of the most prominent customer service channels. Consumers today are more prone to use social media to communicate their questions, compliments, or complaints with businesses. According to Read More →

5 Trends Your Call Center Must Follow In 2019

While call center management is a mammoth task, following the latest and most innovative trends can help a call center keep delivering quality customer service to its customers. And while trends come and go with each passing year, Read More →